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School Wide Goals

A Northgate Graduate will meet the California Academic Standards and be able to do the following skills clearly, effectively, and fluently:

Communicate: A Northgate Graduate…

  • Reads.
  • Writes.
  • Listens.
  • Speaks.
  • Utilizes technology and media.
  • Considers other ideas and perspectives.

Critically Think: A Northgate Graduate…  

  • Makes connections.
  • Finds information, evaluates sources, and utilizes resources effectively in all disciplines.
  • Evaluates and assesses a problem, examines the data, and arrives at a solution.
  • Recognizes perspective and bias.
  • Asks thoughtful questions to deepen understanding and reflects on newfound knowledge.

Create: A Northgate Graduate…

  • Works through processes to solve problems.
  • Proposes and designs solutions.
  • Implements creative and aesthetic elements into projects.
  • Practices regularly for fluency and efficiency.
  • Performs to the best of his/her ability.
  • Uses technological tools to create original work and design innovative solutions.

Collaborate: A Northgate Graduate…

  • Works effectively with community members.
  • Starts and completes projects promptly.
  • Persists when addressing a problem or completing a project.
  • Models resiliency when met with adversity.
  • Demonstrates skill in collaborative and individual approaches to work.
  • Produces collaborative and individual original work in a variety of forms.

Connect: A Northgate Graduate…

  • Relates ideas and skills learned in the academic setting to the everyday world.
  • Engages in learning experiences throughout life and values the learning process.
  • Demonstrates mindfulness and the understanding that one’s actions have far-reaching effects.
  • Models stewardship and environmental literacy.
  • Adapts to new and different ideas and demonstrates cultural, global and ethical awareness.
  • Utilizes technological tools and resources to solve problems and receive support.